Dream 1/23/24


The location is a drab, dimly lit, open office interior.  Everything wears a layer of rusty grime.  I can’t see them, but I know others are within earshot.   My boss, a sandy-haired man in his forties, wrinkled long-sleeve white shirt and khaki pants, is standing turned away from me, speaking calmly but loud enough to be heard by anyone on the floor that might choose to listen.   He is berating me.  Stating in well-chosen words that I am not capable of being on the same page with him because I am not smart enough to understand his ideas and what he is trying to do.

I’m sitting on the floor in a dark narrow hallway.  My assistant is sitting across from me saying he thinks my boss is fond of me and the harsh rebuke was for show to make people believe that I am not aligned with him…that he is trying to protect me because he knows his activities have gotten him into trouble and he does not want to drag me down with him.

My assistant reminds me that I was hired because I am a poor subject for hypnosis.  Because when hypnotized the eye of my awareness turns inward and I ignore the instructions the hypnotist gives.

I sense that I have a mental impairment.  Something that inclines me to prefer not to speak.

My assistant and I exit the building leaving tracks in newly fallen snow.  My assistant turns to the left and walks away leaving a trail of footprints behind him.

I see myself, viewed from above and behind my boss who is watching me from a window on the second floor.  I turn to my right and walk away leaving a trail of footprints, but there are no footprints in the snow in the direction my assistant departed.

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